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Gorilla Trekking Packing List:

What to bring & what to Wear on a gorilla trek?

  • With the right preparation, you can really enjoy your encounter with the mountain gorillas. Take a look at our packing list.
  • Sturdy and comfortable trekking boots or Hiking shoes with long socks to tuck in long pants.
  • Thick pants and a long-sleeved shirt as protection against stinging nettles.
  • Rainwear, warm clothing, evenings can be cold/ chilly, gloves preferably gardening type are very helpful and insect repellant.
  • If you feel safer with a walking stick, pack a folding one. Keep in mind that Local walking sticks – made out of wood, are also available at the park gates free of cost. Your guide will assist you to get one.
  • During rainy seasons, a poncho or raincoat might be a worthy addition to your daypack.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, repellant, and a hat are a good idea at any time of year.
  • Bring a snack or lunch (often provided by your lodge) and at least a liter of water.
  • Make sure your camera gear is well protected in a waterproof day pack.
  • Porter fee is highly recommended ($15) and Tip for rangers.