Our Uganda Adventure Safari tours, without crowds will blow your mind!

Our featured Uganda adventure Safari tours without crowds, will give you travel ideas and inspirations on Tailor made safari tours without crowds  & little known experiences we offer. Feel free to pick out what you like most and allow us to customise a personalised tour just for you. Remember Uganda is an incredibly diverse country. Each national park is uniquely exciting and different!.

In Uganda one can see the vast inland sea - Lake Victoria, papyrus swamps where the rare Shoebill can still be found.
The white Nile river starts from Lake Victoria connecting through Savannah plains of Murchison falls National Park, filled with antelopes, buffaloes, lions, Leopards and elephants - an amazing wildlife viewing paradise. Cruise the Nile to view the world's most powerful waterfall.

Go on safari by car to find tree climbing lions in Ishasha, or go on safari by boat - a phenomenal animal experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park. These a unique must experience without crowds, for tourists going to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for Mountain Gorilla tracking - a highlight of your safari in Uganda.

For the bird watchers, Uganda is ranked among the world’s best birding places. Over 1000 species have been recorded.

Your tour to this wonderful country is almost incomplete if you don’t either visit Kalinzu Forest or Kibale Forest National Park - the “Primate capital of the world” to see chimpanzees, overwhelming 13 species of monkeys & amazing community life experiences.  You could also walk on-foot to get up-close with giraffes, zebras uniquely in Lake Mburo National park.

Quick Facts about Uganda adventure safari tours:

  • The country is known for its fine weather. It is sunny most of the year, especially in the Central Region. Often one does not need the wearing of warm clothing except on some chilly nights in the mountains of Western and Eastern Uganda. Rainfall comes in torrents especially when the expected patterns are delayed for some months 
  • Distinctive wet and dry season are typical of most areas in the country.  Rainy seasons from March to May and September to November, the rest of the year is dry. 
  • Uganda is home to the second largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Victoria. And is also the source of the longest river, the River Nile.   
  • Uganda is a country of many cultures – with over 52 tribes that are different; each with its own language and culture.
  • This is a safe country for many tourists who would wish to visit and experience the beauty of the country.