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How much does a Tanzania safari cost?

The Safari cost largely depends on your preferred travel style and travel season.

  • A mid-range Tanzania safari basically costs $400 per person per day.
  • A luxury Safari costs $600 per person per day.
  • And Super luxury costs $1000 per person per day.
  • A photographic safari may cost between $800 to $1300 per person per day

What is the Most Expensive season to go on Safari in Tanzania?

One of the most expensive times to go on safari is during the ultimate peak season of June to late October. This is because it is the best time offering beautiful warm sunny weather which attracts animals to water holes, making it easy to spot wildlife. This attracts large crowds of visitors to most parks especially Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti. Basically, available rooms in the camps and lodges are very competitive and priced at a premium.

What is the Most Affordable season to go on Safari in Tanzania?

Go on safari in Tanzania in the rainy seasons of March to May. The low season offers lots of rains, and lush green vegetation making it a bit challenging to spot animals but with fewer visitors number, however, most accommodations offer discounts. This gives a potential traveler chance to make some savings and travel during this period.