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Best Time to Visit Tanzania

When is the best time to Visit Tanzania?

Most travelers visit Tanzania to go on Safari, others climb mt Kilimanjaro and end up taking a break by relaxing on Zanzibar beaches. The beauty is you can experience a phenomenal safari in Tanzania any time of the year. To avoid rains and enjoy great warm weather we recommend traveling from January to mid-march or between June and October. Expect crowds.

Many people will choose when to Tanzania on safari based on want they want to see most, like the famous Great Migration of wildebeests & zebras, the calving season when newborns arrive, or seeing of number big cats and large herds of elephants on safari. You may also think of going any month of the year to avoid crowds.

Honestly, every month is good enough for a safari to spot big cats and wildlife, it’s just some months that offer different animal experiences under different weather conditions in the country’s popular northern circuit national parks namely; Serengeti (home of great migration) Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire.

January to February offer calving. During this period, you see many young calves born, many visitors tend to come, and parks are crowded, making it a peak season.

March to May offers lots of rains, and lush green vegetation making it a bit challenging to spot animals but with fewer visitor crowds, however, most accommodations offer discounts. It’s at peak.

June to October offer beautiful warm sunny weather which attracts animals to water holes, making it easy to spot wildlife. This attracts large crowds of visitors to most parks, especially Ngorongoro and Serengeti. This is the ultimate peak season.
November to Mid-December is tended to be hot and humid, good for birdwatching and fewer crowds of visitors, making it off-peak.

When is the best time for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro?

The clear skies and best climbing conditions on Kilimanjaro occur starting from mid-December to mid-march. Others occur between mid-June to October. Remember climbing Kilimanjaro can take place all year round, however, some months are better than others.

Kilimanjaro has a long rainy season between Mid-march to mid-June and a short rainy season between November and December. during this time temperatures are high and It's unpleasantly hot and humid.

Lastly expect the unexpected, around Kilimanjaro, it can rain anytime and it can snow at the summit at any time. It’s a good idea to expect certain conditions but… our recommendation is that always come prepared for anything.