Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel - a new way to travel

Having respect for the environment, people and cultures we meet are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we choose to support local communities by being aware of the destinations we visit and make positive contribution to people's lives in places we visit.

Our Commitment To Sustainable Travel – a new way to travel

We are committed to ensure all our clients’ visits benefit the destination country, the environment and local people. We ensure local community tour experiences in our itineraries contribute directly to the socio-economic wellbeing of local people and promote responsible nature conservation practices. These experiences connect our clients to Africa without putting strain on the natural resources, while benefiting local people directly.

Reducing carbon foot print on the environment.

We’re conscious of emissions to environment. It’s our policy to provide more opportunities for clients to walk on our tours, and in some local destinations we encourage clients to take biking tours, have short breaks to visit local businesses, buy local directly and stay in environmentally conscious properties. We are focused at continuing to use updated Vehicles that minimize carbon emissions to nature.

Community Involvement and Re connecting with local people.

Our tours focus on re connecting clients with local community experiences. Our Tours have short breaks along the program to visit local establishments, projects & innovations. Our gorilla safaris now include visiting local women & Youth projects like Ride4woman – a local women owned project, educating visitors about local skills by African woman. Here are opportunities to learn traditional basket weaving, joining a cooking class, and directly buying products made by these women. The money paid directly to the center provides incomes to over 200 women whose families has been affected by HIV, poverty and domestic violence.
It’s our policy to work with Lodges that employ staff from local community, have an organic approach to meals, use locally sourced products and organically grown vegetables from the community. We give priority to lodges which fund community outreach programs that uplift local healthcare projects, schools, churches  within their neighbourhood. Our guides are natives of destinations we visit.

Conservation Efforts.

It’s our policy to encourage clients going to trek mountain gorillas to pay extra $15 directly to local porters ( support helpers). These are natives in the community neigh-boring the park, who help to carry clients backpack and some times give a push and pull at sections which appear difficult to manoeuvre along the trekking trail. We also encourage all clients travelling with us to contribute tips to rangers who are guiding clients during the trek. Tips motivate them as they take care of primates, including gorillas and chimpanzees.
Note: the payment to porters will keep them away from carrying out activities in the forests that would otherwise have a negative impact on the environment and these primates.