Privacy Policy

About this policy

This document (our “privacy policy”) sets out information into how we use personal information relating to people we interact with including, for example, customers and website users It serves as an expression of our commitment to protecting their private personal information, but is not a contract. Please see Section 17 below for the rights which the law provides you with in relation to your personal data.

Your consent

We will only use and retain your personal data with your consent or other lawful basis. We ask for your consent on those occasions and in those places where we specify what we will use your personal data for.

Copyright notice

This document, and all content of our websites is Copyright © 2019 Chigo Tours Uganda Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

About us

This is the privacy policy of Chigo Tours Uganda Ltd (referred to as “we“, “us” or “our“). We are incorporated under the laws of Uganda. Our incorporation number is 000000 and our incorporation address or registered office is Stadium Road, Gate 17, Suite17-2-4, Mandela National Stadium, Kampala - Uganda.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or about how we process your personal data, including any complaints, please contact us either by

  • Email:
  • Tel: +256-776-301902, +256 414-697-494
  • By Post To: P.O Box 73673, Clock tower, Kampala, Uganda

Our commitment

We respect your right to privacy and we aim to ensure you have a trustworthy experience with us, including when using our websites or shops and booking with or through us. We understand that you care about how your personal data is used by us, and we want to share with you the policies and practices we’ve adopted. This way you can feel confident about how we handle your personal data.

Who our privacy policy covers

Our customers

Our privacy policy sets out how we process personal data (including information) relating to individuals who are:

  • booking or enquiring about booking travel services with or through us; or
  • the recipients of any travel services booked with or through us (e.g. you are the passenger for a booking or booking enquiry made by someone else for you); or
  • customers or potential customers or recipients of travel services that can be booked with or through us.

Examples of who this policy covers

We include in this privacy policy personal data we process relating to:

  1. Individuals who are making any enquiry or booking with us or through us, and individuals in respect of whom any enquiry or booking is made (such as friends, family members, and tour group members, and officers and employees of businesses and organizations booking with or through us);
  2. Individuals in respect of whom any enquiry or booking is made with us by an agent;
  3. Where our customer is a business or organization, employees or individuals who are acting as representatives of that business or other organization, and individuals connected to that business or other organization, such as owners, partners, shareholders, and directors;
  4. Individuals whose personal data from other companies in our group (such as where you have consented to your personal data being disclosed to other group companies for marketing purposes).

When we are data processor only

Please however note that this privacy policy does not apply where we are processing personal data strictly as a sub-contractor or data processor on behalf of a third party, and not on our own account. In this case, you should look to that third party and its privacy policy, who will be answerable for how we process that personal data.

Terms used in this policy

When we refer to “you” and “your” in this privacy policy, we refer to you, any such individual whose personal data we process from time to time.

When we refer to “processing” of your personal data, this includes obtaining, recording, storing or holding your personal data, and anything we do with it, such as organizing, adapting or altering it, retrieving, consulting or using it, disclosing it or otherwise making it available to others, combining it with other data, and blocking, erasing or destroying it.

When we refer to “travel services” this covers all products and services which may be booked with or through us, such as bespoke holidays, package holidays, accommodation, tours, transport and transfers (whether by air, coach, bus, train, ferry, taxi or other means), car hire, cruises, and charters, and it includes both

  1. All such products and services which we supply or operate ourselves (including where we sub-contract); and
  2. Any such products and services provide by a third party which we book for you (acting as agent for you or that third party). Travel services also include any services we or a third party provide in association with travel, such as obtaining visas, foreign exchange, and providing local representatives and support.

What types of personal data we may process

This section summarizes the types of personal data about you that we process: –

Data concerning you as an individual

We may collect the following:

  • name
  • age
  • photograph
  • gender
  • address
  • telephone
  • mobile
  • e-mail
  • social networking contact details
  • proofs of identity and address, copies of passports, driving licenses, and utility bills
  • card and other payment details, and financial information
  • health information relevant to your planned travel and travel insurances held
  • results of searches carried out against you (such as to verify your identity, address, and credit status)
  • your preferences
  • any other information provided to us by or in relation to you which concern you as an individual

Business Related Information

If you are an individual associated with a business or other organization that is our customer, then your personal data may include the following information that we link to you:

  • Business or organization details (such as name, address, telephone numbers, payment arrangements, financial information, etc.)
  • your relationship with that business or organization (such as owner, partner, director, shareholder, employee, or agent)
  • your contact details within that business (such as work address, work telephone and mobile numbers, work fax number, and work e-mail address)

Enquiry and Booking information