Murchison Falls National Park & lake Albert

Murchison Falls National Park & lake Albert

This is Uganda’s largest national park 3837sq Kms, named after the Murchison falls on the River Nile’s, which plung 40m  over the rift valley scarp. Below the powerful falls, the river is home to hippos, crocodiles and water birds. Wildlife - lions, elephants, hyenas, jackals, giraffes and several antelope’s roams savanna plains north of the river while primates and birds live in the forest to the south.

Activities to do here

 Murchison Falls boat cruise

The launch voyage upriver from Paraa to see the Murchison Falls exploding through the cliffs  is the park’s oldest and most popular excursion. The 3hr return trip passes riverside wildlife on the way, including hippos and crocodiles and visiting elephants, buffalos etc.

Top of the Falls

A visit to this park is incomplete if you don't  walk to the top of the falls viewpoint -  to see hear and feel the thunder through a 7m-wide gorge. The site can be reached by vehicle but it is more rewarding to disembark from the launch to climb up to the Top of the falls through Fajao Gorge.

Delta Boat cruises

Boats also run downriver from Paraa to the Nile Delta where a mosaic of papyrus islands chokes the river's entrance into Lake Albert. These are rich in waterbirds, most notably the shoebill

Sport Fishing

The river below Murchison Falls provides an exciting challenge for anglers with the record for Nile Perch landed with rod and line standing at 120kgs.

Classic Game Viewing Safari

The park”s prime game viewing area lies on the Savannah  triangle  found north as the Victoria Nile enters Lake Albert, and the Albert Nile flows out this lake. Expect to see elephant, buffalo ,antelopes and giraffes and keep your fingers crossed for lion and elusive leopard.            


Heart of Murchison

While much of the southern part of  MFNP is covered by bush and forest, the heart of the park is covered by a delightful tract of savanna. Vehicle tracks have recently been opened in this area, which thanks to substantial herds of Uganda kob, is becoming known as a prime location for lions.

Forest Walk and Chimpanzee Trackin at Kaniyo pabidi Forest

South of Murchison Falls is Kaniyo pabidi forest -  home to a habituated chimpanzee group that can be tracked with experienced forest guides. This forest is an essential birding site for species like chocolate-backed kingfisher, white-thighed hornbill and Puvel’s illadopsis


Birding activities overlap with the wildlife viewing locations described above. Highlights include easy sightings of resident and water birds on the cruise to the Falls, thrilling shoebill sightings in the Nile Delta and careful searches for rare and restricted range forest species in Kaniyo Pabidi Forest.

Cultural Encounters

Energetic dancers from Mubako perform around lodge campfires, making for a magical African experience.


Best Time to Visit

During the day, the temperature is around 25-32°C, making this one of the hottest regions in Uganda. Nights are cooler, dropping to around 18°C, and there is little rain – though when it arrives it can be torrential!

The best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park is during the dry seasons from December to late February and from June to September, as the grass is shorter and  animals congregate around water bodies making them easier to observe. The best time for bird watching is January-March which tends to have plenty of bird activity with fewer tourists.