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Things to Do in Kenya

‘The Safari Capital of the World’ a true homeland of the ‘Big Five’

Kenya located in East Africa, touching the Indian Ocean, is the uncontested ‘Safari Capital of the world. With a vast variety of lion-gold savannah, rolling grasslands, ancient rain forests, and volcanic plains, Kenya rises from the shores of the Indian Ocean to the snowcapped peaks of Mount Kenya. Stunning, scenic, steeped in history, a sportsman’s paradise, and a lover’s paradise, Kenya has since the 1900’s attracted royalty, millionaires, aristocrats, politicians, and movie stars who flocked here to hunt the ‘big five'. This has made Jomo Kenyatta International airport Nairobi, the biggest and busiest airport in East and Central Africa. Kenya offers sanctuary to some of the world’s most ancient and most threatened creatures. The term the ‘Big Five’ was invented in Kenya, which hosts over 100 mammal species, 32 of which are endangered.

Masai Mara National Reserve Safari

Your trip to Kenya is incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Masai Mara reserve, the venue for the greatest wildlife show on earth - the incredible annual migration of the wildebeest and the only place in the world where you are most likely to see lions and cheetah. The Maasai Mara is Kenya’s most famous national park and the scene of the world-famous annual migration of over one million wildebeest and an attendant cast of herbivores and predators.

Safari in National Parks, Reserves, and Conservancies

Amboseli National park safari is famous for the iconic photo opportunities delivered by its hundreds of swamp-wading elephants as they pose against the magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro;

Aberdares National Park

Is famous for its Afro-alpine climate, misty moors, and waterfalls; Samburu with its wild and arid landscape and crocodile-filled rivers.

Tsavo East and West national park

Famous for man-eating lions, lava flows, and volcanoes;

Fabulous Flamingos at Bogoria, Elementaita & Nakuru National Park

Equally famous are the sugar-pink fringes of flamingos on Kenya’s famous rift valley lakes: Nakuru, Bogoria, Elementaita, and Magadi. These make Kenya a birders heaven. You could opt to visit Lake Nakuru national park, a world-renowned rhino sanctuary famous for its iconic fringe of sugar pink flamingoes;

The Maasai-mara and the Mara:

Determinedly unchanged by the modern world, the Maasai people have captured the imagination of the world with their cattle and complex beadwork. Their ancestral homeland,

Sporting Paradise:

For sports enthusiasts, Kenya has it all: mountain climbing and trekking, camel trekking and horse riding hang gliding, caving, flying, paragliding, sailing, big game, and trout fishing. Home to some of the best 18-hole golf courses in Africa, Kenya is famous for her horseracing, polo, and motor rallies. A popular marathon-running destination, Kenya is also famous for her middle- and long-distance runners who dominate the world stage.

Waving Palms, Silver Sand, and Clear Blue Sea:

Kenya’s Indian Ocean beaches are ranked among the top ten in the world while her stunning array of marine parks offer coral gardens, rainbow fish, and water that is warm and clear all year. As a result, she has some of the best dive sites and dive schools in the world; an unrivaled selection of water sports, and endless opportunities for whale watching, turtle spotting, and dolphin tracking.

Swahili Style:

Come to Kenya and learn more about the unique Kiswahili culture of the Kenyan coastline, a colorful fusion of Arab, African, and Portuguese influences, that has created a pace of life, a style of cuisine, and a mosaic of architecture, heritage, myth, and magic that is unique.

Need to Know:

Name: Republic of Kenya

Cities: Capital Nairobi, Mombasa coastal capital and the largest port on the East African coast

Area: 583,000 sq km

Climate: the coast is hot with an average daytime temperature of 27-31°C whilst an average daytime temperature in Nairobi is 21 - 26°C

Language: English (official), KiSwahili (National)

Currency: Kenya Shilling