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Kenya Safari Cost Includes

Midrange Safari cost ranges from $2500 to $3600. It includes

Most mid-range safaris in Kenya will include time at the beach. They would come with a lot more comfort than budget safaris and are more suited for the average tourist. Accommodation is usually more comfortable and is located in hotels that are more premium and comfortable. Some would also include cultural interactions with the locals eg. visiting a Maasai Village or interacting with the local communities near the parks or beaches.

What isn’t included

  1. Meals: Breakfast Lunch and Supper for the length of your safari
  2. Transport: By 4×4 safari vehicles and sometimes some flights are included
  3. Accommodation: In hotels and/or well-equipped camps
  4. Activities: These include:
    • Game drives in less crowded vehicles
    • Sometimes it will include visits to indigenous people but the Maasai villages.
    • Visit the Kenyan Coast
  5. Park fees: Usually included
  6. A professional driver/guide:   Essential for local knowledge and helping to spot difficult-to-spot animals.
  7. All transportation:  and would usually include airport transfers
  8. Drinking water:

What isn’t excluded

  1. Accommodation before and after the Safari Starts: you would still need to make your own arrangements if you will be arriving earlier than the scheduled time of the safari.
  2. Flights: While some flights may be included, most Kenyan safaris would still have a lot of overland travel in a 4×4 Safari vehicle.

A luxury safari cost ranges from 4000 to $15000

What’s included in the luxury safari cost?

  1. International Flights (At an Extra Fee): While other safaris would not offer international flights, luxury tour experiences would include international flights but at an additional cost to you. The benefit of this is that you do not have to hassle with trying to find tickets to get you to Kenya.
  2. English-Speaking Resident Tour Managers and Local Guides: These guides would be more refined than any of the other tiers and would be better trained to handle you as a tourist.
  3. Private Vehicle & Guides: These luxury safaris usually come in private vehicles and would not be shared with other tourists who you do not know
  4. Hand-Picked 5-Star Luxury Accommodations: The safari companies organizing these itineraries would pick the very best hotels in the Kenya safari circuit for the guests.
    1. Luxury rooms with freestanding bathtubs
    2. Additional connecting bedroom for children
    3. Fully open floor-to-ceiling windows
    4. Wraparound private decking area and infinity pool overlooking the river
    5. Private vehicle and safari guide
    6. Private lounge and dining area
    7. Exquisite meals freshly prepared by an in-suite chef
    8. Fully stocked private bar with premium drinks
  5. Airport Meet and Greet with Private Transfers: Unlike other safaris that would expect you to meet in a predefined location. luxury safaris would organize someone to pick you up from the airport.
  6. Luggage Handling:  luxury safaris will handle your luggage for you and they usually hire staff dedicated to helping you carry any heavy luggage.
  7. Breakfast in Bed: Since the accommodations that you will be using will be  5-star and high-end, things like breakfast in bed are not uncommon.
  8. Your Choice of Activity: in some of the luxury safaris in Kenya, You get to decide what kinds of activities you would like on your safari and custom-design the experiences.
  9. Internet Access: Many safari camps and lodges are located in very remote areas that do not usually have good connectivity.  However, luxury safari destinations would go out of their way to provide decent internet connectivity.

What is the Most Expensive season to go on Safari in Kenya?

One of the most expensive times to go on safari is during the peak season of late June to late September. This is because it is the best time when the great migration is happening in the Masai Mara Game Reserve and this is the best time to see wildlife in abundance.

During this high season, most national parks in Kenya are busy with tourists. Basically, there the few available rooms in the camps and lodges are very competitive.

What is the Most Affordable season to go on Safari in Kenya?

Visit Kenya in the rainy seasons of October to November and March to May.  You stand chances of getting much better savings on your safari cost as most of the national parks will have very wet conditions,

The downside to this is wet conditions can be challenging in finding wildlife. The chances of getting stuck in the mud in one of the national parks are high. You may not get better game viewing opportunities with as many animals as you would expect. But to mitigate this get yourself a very experienced local guide.