Farm life experiences

Farm life experiences

Coffee Tour - From the garden to picking coffee beans straight to making that cup of coffee by yourself. With this Coffee roasting experience, learn how coffee is locally processed at home. Participate in grinding, pounding, winnowing coffee seeds, roasting . Watch coffee seeds turn from cream white to a dark brown fine product. Feel the aroma of pure coffee with no artificial additives.

Learn how to do local basket weaving yourself. Learn how this knowledge has been passed on to generations. Ugandan women are very hardworking, they use a combination of dried millet straws, banana fibres, papyrus, raffia straws, and different beautiful dyes colors extracted from natural flowers. A chance to buy some as souvenirs for yourself or friends back home.

Banana Beer/Gin making experience. Head out to a banana farm in a village. Uganda, the original Banana Republic in a literal sense and produces more banana varieties than any other country except Brazil and India. Unpeeled bananas kept in a pit for some days to ripen. One then takes the meat from the skin, after which it is, juiced, filtered, and diluted. Yeast is added in the form of sorghum or millet. Sample the local beer and Gin made from Bananas right away.

Tea harvesting experience. Did you know that the majority of Ugandans drink more tea in their homes than coffee?. Fort portal and Kibale area produce some of Uganda's finest tea. a half-day excursion to a tea farm where you will be received by a local site guide, tour the plantation, learn tea, planting, seeds, propagation, and local harvesting techniques, followed by the chance to pick your own tea leaves using traditional woven baskets. A local guide will show you the best parts of the leaf to pick. After the leaves are picked, they are transported to the tea processing factory. There is plenty of tea leaves for you to take home as a souvenir or gift. You will have a chance to sample at an on-site café. The experience allows tea lovers to get a deeper understanding of their favourite beverage.

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