Community Life experiences

Community Life experiences

Sometimes the only way you can appreciate a society is by close interaction with her peoples. These community life experiences to offer an intimate interaction with local people and will enrich your Ugandan safari.
Karimajong warriors Manyatta tour. Explore the fascinating ancient culture of these warriors-nomadic pastoral people who are retouched from much of civilization and still live like in the ancient times. Karamojong is natives who believe more in their cows. Cattle are part of their life, cattle rustling has been part of their culture. Many Karamojong like Masai of Kenya, prefer to wear "traditional" dress of a blanket -like a shawl with bright red colours. Experience their 'manyatta' (homesteads) and also the kraal’s where their cows stay. Check into their huts made of sticks and a tiny door.

Traditional Healer's village - no, he is not a witch doctor but someone who knows what herbs to pick from the forest to cure ailments – you will be amazed at this informative demonstration. Take a boat ride across Lake Bunyonyi to get to the other lakeside where he lives. The scenery is beautiful. You will learn a bit of lakeside history and culture and the other islands. It is believed that about 70% of natives in the south west of the country have utilized the traditional healer at some point in their lifetime. The healer is sought for a multitude of ailments such as malnutrition, allergies, arthritis, gynecology issues, sexual dysfunction. Learn about many different herbal remedies that he prescribes for each situation.

Cattle Keeper' / Ba'hima herders way of life- learn about the Ankole long - horned Cows ( Cattle) with an opportunity to try your hand at milking (depending on time of day), understand the traditional ghee making process.

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