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  • Uganda

    UGANDA- the Pearl of Africa

    Uganda is situated in East Africa. The country plus Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi form the East African block. Uganda (236.580 square kilometers) is roughly the size of Great Britain, or state of Oregon or of Ghana. Most of the country is over 1.000 m in altitude. Few countries can match Uganda’s scenery and wildlife diversity.  The impressive landscape is so unbelievably green, lush and flat with altitude ranging from 900m/2952ft to 1500m/4921ft.  Mystical Landscapes especially in the west wrapped in the morning fog, displays a certain charm. From Rwenzori snow mountains, virunga volcanoes, Uganda has a rich ecosystem that protects 1060 bird species, more than half found in Africa, variety of mammal species, rare primates especially remaining Mountain Gorillas and chimpanzees.  Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa

    Uganda is an incredibly pleasant country, for its people, the wildlife and the evergreen landscapes

    When thinking of Uganda, this will always stay in our minds…The people of Uganda are Gentle and welcoming in a country. Relaxed - Nobody is trying to sell you something at any cost. A simple “thank you” or gesture is enough. Pleasant weather l! – Daily maximum temperatures of 36c/98F to 38c/100F and minimums of 14c/57F to 16c/60.8F Delighted - Children get excited over every “Muzungu” (foreigner from western world but not racist) waving and screaming “How are you?”

    Two Dry seasons - June to August and December to February

    June and July appear to be the driest months, it can be colder at altitudes above 1500m/4921ft and it can still rain anytime especially south west around the mountain gorilla forest parks. Average temperatures float around 16°C/61°F in the morning and 27°C/81°F in the afternoons. Going far north, up to Kidepo Valley, its much drier with daily maximums up to 42°C /107°F.

    Two Rain Seasons- March to May and September to November 

    There is rainfall throughout the country during these months, reaching climax in April in the south west. Daytime temperatures average around 28°C/82°F and morning temperatures around 16°C/61°F. It often gets colder at high altitudes areas in the west including Bwindi Gorilla Forest Park and warmer as you get further north.  Most evenings tend to be colder. Warm and rain proof clothing are essential for travelers.  While rains can make travel challenging especially when navigating rough village roads, advance planning with local tour operator and use of 4x4 vehicles is helpful.

    “While Uganda’s natural beauty is stunning, the local people are among the friendliest and most open you will find anywhere in Africa”-Lonely planet Guide to East Africa.

    Birdlife. Uganda as a bird watching paradise boasts a bird list of over 1060 species recorded, on approximately 244,000 square kilometers of land. This represents more than half the bird species that can be found in the whole of Africa. Uganda is home to the source of the Nile. There are more species of primates than you will see anywhere else in the world.

    Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable Forest. It is in Uganda that more than 50% (400) of remaining population of Mountain Gorilla (gorilla beringei), with many other mammal species representative in both East and Central Africa. Uganda gives you more than an ordinary visit,

    All will see you through your stay without noticing every single day, hour, minute…that passes. In fact it is all this that made Sir Winston Churchill (the former British Prime Minister) describe the country as the “Pearl of Africa”- My African Journey (1908).

    Uganda’s countryside is absolutely stunning and only rarely is it boring. explore the people’s cultures, go gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park or chimpanzee tracking in liable and wildlife in Queen Elizabeth, climb Mt. Elgon or the Rwenzoris, visit the Uganda’s romantic gateway Ssese Islands amidst Africa’s biggest fresh water body- Lake Victoria.


    Safety and security Uganda is enjoying considerable political stability. Uganda used to be known for its always unending tragedies and wars. This has made people to believe that Uganda is an unsafe tourist destination. The reality is different.

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  • rwanda Rwanda ‘Land of thousand hills’ Rwanda is a tinny state in the heart of Africa popularly known as ‘the land of a thousand hills’ with green and true breathtaking landscapes. Rwanda is about 26,338sq km, nearly 10times smaller than Uganda and smaller than the Maryland state in the USA. You will only believe once you are there. Rwanda sits at a plateau ‘probably’ the hub of Africa. Here, at the center of the Albertine Rift, where deep volcanic forces are pressing the continental plates apart, you'll discover a world of exquisite beauty and unsurpassed biodiversity. The average elevation of the plateau is about 1.700 m The landscapes in this 'green country' are truly breathtaking. A tour to Rwanda, you will See for yourself why Rwanda can be called "the place where Africa comes together". History and culture. It was long time regarded as a mysterious kingdom with a legendary military force which was carefully bypassed by Arab traders and the great Nile Explorers. Rwanda together with Burundi and Tanzania was part of the German East African colony. After the First World War, it became a Belgian protectorate. It's at the National Museum of Butare, on your way to Nyungwe NP that you can find fascinating displays on the history and culture of one of the great pre-colonial kingdoms of East-Africa. Rwanda is unfortunately remembered for having experienced genocide in 1994. There are public holidays to remember these atrocities and only time will heal. However having experienced turbulent period in mid 90s, today, calm, peace and prosperity has been restored under the current leadership of President Paul Kagame that has seen tourism boom to the extent that Bill gates of Microsoft last year visited this tinny country for gorilla tracking. Rwanda is not the first country on the African continent having its part of civil strife. The Adventure Traveler coming to Africa knows this and will disregard the country's image if he can travel safely.  Rwanda is surely regaining its reputation as gorilla destination. click here for our tours and safaris in Rwanda

  • tanzania Tanzania Tanzania, a land of spectacular beauty and one of the largest countries in Africa, is a union (formed in 1964) between the mainland (Tanganyika), and the Zanzibar Isles consisting of Unguja (also known as Zanzibar) and Pemba. It lies on the east coast of Africa, between 1degree and 11degrees south of the Equator. It is bordered to the north by Kenya and Uganda. It covers an area of 945,000 sq. km, the size of Denmark, France, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom combined. The total protected area is equivalent to the size of the Federal Republic of Germany and Belgium combined. Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater.  Tanzania is home to two of the most famous safari destinations in the world, the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater located in northern circuit. Both parks offer stunning scenery and some of the best wildlife viewing in the world. Serengeti National Park is primarily known for the annual migration of over 2.5 million wildebeest and zebra- probably one of Africa’s spectacular wildlife migration. The Ngorongoro Crater is a popular safari destination, because the wildlife viewing in its immense volcanic caldera is superb throughout the year and sightings of game species such as lion, hippo and rhino are common sighting. The 55,000 sq. km Selous Game Reserve, in the southern circuit is   the largest single wildlife protected area in Africa. It features boat safaris where sightings of crocodiles and hippos are common. Click here for our tours and safaris in Tanzania